( 0 5 ) - 2x Vinyl regular edition & band exclusive limited edition

32.00 EUR - 50.00 EUR

You can choose between the regular edition 2x LP on colored vinyl and the band exclusive special edition which contains the following extras:

Limited artwork print (as seen in the second picture)
Custom sprayed LP protective sleeve (as seen in the pictures)
Bonus CD (exclusive songs, new interpretations of old songs, covers & remixes)
Personal thank you note (pre-order exclusive, this won't be part of the limited edition after the release of the album)

The price of the limited edition will increase after the release of the album, so save a couple of bucks by pre-ordering.

More information and pictures of the real album will follow sooner to the release date.

Thanks a lot to everyone who is willing to pre-order our new record. It helps us tremendously with the production costs and that lets us keep our artistic freedom and thus releasing our music the way we envisioned it.

Final package might differ slightly.

INFO (by dunk!records)

Unrelenting, suffocating, intense, heavy … many words have been spent describing [ B O L T ] and their music. Only one is however really necessary to define them, DEVOTION. The German trio’s devotion towards their dark craft is commendable, moving, and total. With a career now spanning well over a decade, [ B O L T ]’s uncompromising mission to build punishing sonicscapes through the most unconventional means, is a real force to be reckoned with. The band self-describes this approach as “dark meditation”; a compositional style that is as linear as it is unorthodox, a drenched in distortion yet breathing with full life, and a caustic sound palette filled with drone and noise yet shimmering with anticipation. Operating as a “bass+bass+drums” trio, [ B O L T ] are a rare sight in the modern “post” and noise scenes, for their virtually unparalleled open-mindedness in the compositional department. The band’s ductility and versatility is truly something to be lauded and admired. Though three continuous exploration of music’s darkest and lesser beaten paths, [ B O L T ] have delivered some of the most challenging yet extremely gratifying sonic journeys we have ever travelled.

The latest installment in the band’s discography immediately echoes at the most accessible and varied to date; and fully convincing at that. As the curtain drops, and ( 0 5 ) starts its massive monolithic advance, the listener is welcomed into as close a ritualistic experience as music gets. These first crucial minutes are truly one of the highlights of the record. One of the many moments of compositional brilliance scattered throughout this record. Hear how the album naturally expands into something bigger, feel how it organically transforms into a long slow journey into sensory annihilation and full mental bliss. To say that something the size and weight of [ B O L T ]’s music moves nimbly might sound like a stretch, but ( 0 5 ) really does move with agility between total sonic onslaught and peaceful droned out bliss. The band takes turns between restrained and stripped back moments and full-out aggression, on the ears, on all sense. “A schizophrenic scenario - half threatening, half hopeful” says the band, but one absolutely worth checking out - add we. This album once and for all shows [ B O L T ]’s commanding control of soundscapes. It sees the band freely flowing time and time again from calm relaxation to a crushing wall of sound then back again to tranquility and stillness. And the rewards it returns are just as massive.

Imagine watching one of the nature documentaries where the camera zooms in the most minuscule detail of flower’s pistil. Blow that detail out and continue filming while the world continues spinning, scorching rays are alternated with thunderous rains, day and night, the flower continues its existence unperturbed, obviously conscious yet unfazed by all other forces around it. ( 0 5 ) is testament to [ B O L T ]’s ductility and versatility as something truly laudable and unmatched. It is final proof that [ B O L T ] firmly belong to the metal realm, but should be credited for ever pushing its boundaries, for ever expanding its possibilities. There is so much to be found hidden beyond the almost impenetrable walls of ( 0 5 ). Amongst the layers of distortion and the suffocatingly somber atmosphere there’s a fluttering beacon of light rising tall against the darkness within and around. A strange message of hope in these dark times. A sonic lesson in building tension and catharsis, or how the gentlest forces in nature are inevitably the strongest and most unrelenting. dunk!records is immensely proud to offer this new chapter in the band’s sprawling and immense discography.