Limited CD Bundle

20.00 EUR
  • Limited CD Bundle

Limited bundle that gives you a nice overview of [ B O L T ] and related projects, including:

- our last two albums ( 0 3 ) & ( 0 4 ) on CD

- the debut album of NINEMILES "grímsey" on CD. NINEMILES is the solo project of Thomas.
Cinematic soundcapes, drones and electronica mixed together to send you directly to the name giving coast which inspired Thomas.

- the debut album of MAGMA WAVES ".​.​.​and who will take care of you now" in which Dennis plays drums on CD.
Sophisticated post-rock that stands out because it is packed with brilliant ideas and that put a whole new spin on the genre.

- embroidered round patch

- screenprinted rectangular patch

- button (our first merch ever created some 10 years ago)