[ B O L T ] + HARALD SCHULTE - Vinyl

19.49 EUR


Collaboration LP with [ B O L T ] and Harald Schulte.
Comes on 180g colored vinyl. Limited to 100 copies.
Pressed with love at dunk!pressing.

Released: August 14th, 2020.


In a time in which music develops into a consumable piece of pop culture or high class event and in which dance strives more for technically perfect execution and professional and beautiful movements, ambient and drone music and butoh dance display a severe contrast to that.

Instead of producing easily listenable music for the masses or even follow musical trends drone creates timeless and ageless soundscapes - calm or noisy, sometimes hiding melodies within, usually hard to grasp.

Not wanting to define time and space through spacial and rhythmical patterns butoh instead seeks to invoke the feeling of space and time in the recipient. Movements are being limited and concealed by placing the search itself inside of the intrinsic self of the dancer, not their exterior. Traditional, well known points of view and safe havens in music are being disbanded, deranged, partly even destroyed.

Harald Schulte creates an extreme presence with his dance, which is captivating and hard to get at the same time - a haze, a darkness, a maelstrom. In the interaction with [ B O L T ]’s music which opens up rooms instead of being shut off, poses questions instead of offering simple answers and dissolves time instead of taking it, an uncanny universe revolves around it.

See full performance here: https://www.dunk-music.com/bolt-h-schulte

On this record [ B O L T ] is: Thomas Rosen (bass), Maik Parker (drums), Andreas Brinke (bass) Choreography and performance by Harald Schulte Recorded by Andreas Brinke at Toppershouse Recordings * Mixed and mastered by Andreas Brinke Artwork and layout by Jasmina Brinke * Based on pictures by Daniel Schulte Video shot and edited by Daniel Schulte